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Daughters and son

Hirst family grave, St. Andrew's Old Church, Church Road. 
The inscription on the far side of the grave reads: In sacred and loving memory of Ellen Matilda Hirst, who departed this life at 56 Brunswick Square in this parish, the 28th of February 1863 in her 27th year. Youngest daughter of John Hirst, Esqr., of Great Ropers, South Weald, Essex, a magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant for the county, and formerly Captain in the Royal Horse Guards. 'Blue'.
Also in sacred and loving memory of Emily Eliza Hirst, who departed this life at Great Ropers, South Weald, the 21st of September 1865, aged 47 years. Second Daughter of the above named John Hirst Esqr.
Also in affectionate memory of Frederick Hotham Hirst, Esqr., second son of the above John Hirst, Esqr.,who died at Brighton on the 3rd of March 1898 aged 83 years.
Also of Emma Hirst, eldest daughter of the above John Hirst, Esqr., who died at Brighton on the 7th of March 1898 aged 82 years.
The 1851 census shows Ellen (b. 1827), Emily (b.1819), Emma (b. 1816) and Frederick (b. 1814) living with their brother, Robert A. H. Hirst (b. 1813) at 18 Brunswick Square with 7 servants [lady's maid, cook, 2 housemaids, footman, 2 grooms]. 
The 1891 census shows Frederick and Emma living at 51 Brunswick Square  with 5 servants [manservant, lady's maid, cook, upper housemaid and under housemaid].

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Grey and misty

One of those days with no definition between sky and sea.

Saturday, 15 June 2013


A flourishing clump of Yellow Fumitory (Corydalis lutea) growing between bricks, Third Avenue.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Brightening up

Today the weather seems to be improving after a couple of cold and overcast days. It's cheering to see some blue patches up there above Vallance Gardens!
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It's that iris time of year

Irises make a colourful but brief show every year in this Vallance Road garden.

Friday, 7 June 2013

View from above

View from the first floor of Cafe Quench, 50 George Street.
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Theme Day - The beauty of decay

In this case, the beautiful colours of decay on a garden fence.
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