Saturday, 25 September 2010

A busy morning

at Hove Lagoon.


Barry Coidan said...

I used to live in Roman Road opposite the Adur pub by the lagoon (from 1966 'til 1970). Before then my father ran a cafe on Kingsway (its one of the two 1930's houses in your picture), between two large car distributors - Caffyn's was one: can't remember the other. Now Caffyn's is a building site and the other a block of flats.

My father ran the Lagoon cafe in the 1950'5 until the early 1970's.

Never, never was there wind surfing. Just motor boats and model sailing boats who's club was in the white building at the end of the large pond.

Thanks for stirring up my past!

Wibbo said...

@Barry - I feel as though I'm following your past life round Hove and Portslade ;o)

Barry Coidan said...

Absolutely: you haven't done Hangleton yet. But when you do I'll be there!