Thursday, 21 April 2011

Walsingham Terrace

The stretch of road between Carlisle Road and Walsingham Road was originally built as Walsingham Terrace and is now part of Kingsway. The mishmash of original and modern buildings side-by-side is typical of this part of Hove.

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Anonymous said...

I have just discovered from the 1911 Census that my maternal grandmother, Isobel Rosa Best is shown as a general domestic servant at No1 Walsingham Terrace. She was then 15 years old but was born in Harleston Norfolk. I have yet to find out what brought her to Hove at such a young age. The other residents were Emily Dickerson (80) a widow; Emmeline Frederica Bernard (45) her daughter with her husband John Bernard (47); Lily Allcorn (29), Jane Wedge (24), Matilda Huggett (37) and Hellen Goble (20) also all servants. 3 upstairs, 5 downstairs!