Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Behind the gatepost

The entrance to Courtenay Tye and a blue plaque commemorating British actress Elizabeth Allan.


Anonymous said...

seeing a picture of this house brough† back many memories. I went over this house when is was for sale before the beautiful Elizabeth Allan bought it and I put in an offer but the owner said she wanted nothing to do with anyone who was going to have a mortgage. I also found it so dark inside as most of the rooms faced North to the Kingsway and only a few faced South to the sea. Not wanting to be depressed with the darkness I awaited with interest the result of the Auction and enjoyed seeing the lovely actress move in with her charming husband.
I eventually bought a house facing the sea with the sun shining in morning and evening.

Wibbo said...

Fascinating - thank you for sharing the story! I agree with you about living in a house with plenty of light; I'd get really depressed in one that faced North.