Tuesday, 28 August 2012

George Tovey

Gravestone of George Tovey and Sophia Tovey Bostock, St. Andrew's Old Church, Church Road.
The inscription reads: George Tovey born 1787 died 1858. Sophia Tovey Bostock born 1800. 
I've had a dig through BMD and census records with very little success and I can't find out what relation Sophia was to George - possibly they were cousins or even siblings. Records do show that Sophia died in the 3rd quarter of 1865 in Brighton.
The 1851 census throws up one possible sighting of George and Sophia at 54 Cambridge Terrace, Paddington, St. Marylebone. George is described as a widowed visitor, born in Scotland and a Colonel in the Army; there's an entry at the same address for a Sophia T. Bostock who is described as the married daughter of the head of household, Sophia Hirby. 
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hamilton said...

It is a very clearly written headstone for being so old.
I wonder if Sophia's name was carved in before she died since only her birth year is inscribed.

Nicola Carpenter said...

Lovely gravestone. Interesting post.

Beneath Thy Feet

Julie said...

Sends a shiver across my shoulders: fancy having your name inscribed on a gravestone BEFORE your death! Not for me I don't think. I have to pinch myself as I wander my chosen cemetery trying to decide where to deposit my ashes after death.

But this does seem a very strange combination. George, being a Colonel in the Army, perhaps lived in barracks and only spent a little time in Paddington. Sophia cannot be his daughter: births too close together. Cannot be his wife: her surnames are in wrong order.

Oooo ... what a delicious puzzle.

Anonymous said...

Interesting .... and it's really impressive how clear this stone is, considering the age.

CaT said...

weird no, to have your sister on the grave?

anyways, i have already often seen people inscribed on stones before they were dead, here in the us but i think also in the netherlands!

Gemma Wiseman said...

I wonder if Sophia was his wife and re-married after his death! The new surname was added! Was that a practice at this time?

Wibbo said...

Gemma - I wondered about it too but I would think in that case she would have been buried with her current husband not her previous one.