Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Looking down Hawkhurst Road from the spot where I took yesterday's photograph. It was a very warm day for April, but rather hazy.


Alan Mackenzie said...

A colleague of mine, who lives in Coldean tells me that deer live in Stanmer Park. Enter Coldean Wood at the bottom of Coldean Lane, cross the bridge into the south part of Great Wood. The best times to see the deer are mid-afternoon on weekdays (everyone at work, no joggers) or early morning. Here's a map link

Wibbo said...

Thanks, Alan!

Alan Mackenzie said...

The south part of Great Wood is the best place to see deer, according to my colleague. I plan to go there once my telephoto lens returns from the servicing workshop. I must say, I have lived in Brighton and Hove for all of my life. I've visited Stanmer Park many times since childhood, but I never realised deer lived there. I guess they are primed for camouflage. I'm determined to spot them, you know.