Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sir John Hindmarsh

Family gravestone of Sir John Hindmarsh, St. Andrew's Old Church, Church Road. 
The inscription reads: Sacred to the memory of Rear Admiral Sir John Hindmarsh, Knt. K. H. who died on the 29th. of July 1860 aged 76 years. 
Also in memory of Susannah Wilson Lady Hindmarsh, the beloved wife of the above who died on the 2nd. of April 1859 aged 73 years
Also in memory of Ann Hindmarsh, sister of the above who died on the 13th. of February 1859 aged 70 years. 
Prepare to meet thy God.
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Nicola Carpenter said...

Lovely stone. John didn't live too long after Susannah. I wonder if he died of a broken heart.

Beneath Thy Feet

Anonymous said...

Very nice photo -- and nice that it is still so readable!

Julie said...

Yes, it is still amazingly readable. The whole three of them lived what was a very normal life-span for those times.

I do like the yellow-orange mould and the way it is flowing. I have just found a site that attempts to categorise and name types of headstones by their cut. However, just tried it and it is down. I will try again later. it is


CaT said...

very similar inscriptions to the US ones i see around here!