Tuesday, 30 October 2012

One side only

One side of the Sturt family gravestone, St. Andrew's Old Church, Church Road; lettering on the far side has been worn away by wind and rain and is no longer legible.
The inscription on this side reads: In memoriam Mary Elizabeth Sturt, died May 18th 1817, aged 23 years. William Sturt, died June 13th 1820, aged 46 years. Richard Sturt, died November 5th 1820, aged 3 months. Richard Sturt, died June 4th 1836, aged 53 years. Thomas Sturt, died November 18th 1836, aged 47 years. Richard Harry Sturt, died April 21st 1854, aged 1 year. Henry Sturt, died August 31st 1855, aged 38 years. Maria Sturt, died September 8th 1858, aged 34 years.
I had a dig around in BMD and census records but couldn't find much - Richard Harry Sturt's birth in the second quarter of 1854 is recorded in Steyning, Sussex, and Maria Sturt's death in 1858 is recorded in Brighton. 
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Nicola Carpenter said...

Such relatively young ages. Beautiful find.

Beneath Thy Feet

hamilton said...

It is odd how there were spates of deaths in certain years (1820, 1836 and again in 1854-55 & 58).

Dina said...

Strange how one side suffered more from the elements.