Saturday, 6 December 2008

Banking with gingerbread

Free balloons, gingerbread men, Brighton rock and shopping bags outside Barclays Bank in George Street, Hove. Is this is the new public-friendly face of banking?


Jilly said...

Hello Wibbo

Great to see a blog from Hove. I spent park of my childhood in Hove - from about 10 to about 15 or 16. so good to see your photos. And welcome to the Daily Photo family!


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Gail's Man said...

Must be short of customers. Can't remember if they have been stricken like most of the other banks?

Wibbo said...

Thanks for the welcome, Jilly!

AFAIK, Barclays are not as badly hit financially as some of the other UK banks (well, that's what they tell us!) but I reckon they're fairly desperate to improve their image.